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A look behind some of the greatest Lego art from PBS 'Off Book'

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PBS profiles creators of Lego art, including sculptors and filmmakers.

PBS Off Book Lego
PBS Off Book Lego

As part of its ongoing Off Book series, PBS has examined some of the many creative uses for Lego blocks, from life-size sculptures to meticulous stop-motion films. We've probably all seen some amazing Lego work, but the look behind the scenes here is particularly good. Lego artist Sean Kenney, who builds striking mosaic portraits and animal sculptures, says he works in the medium because it's less austere and removed than something like an oil painting or a traditional sculpture. "Because of that, it connects with people in a way that I think art is supposed to." Besides operating within a strict set of shape and color limitations, Kenney and the other artists profiled regularly put huge amounts of time into each sculpture or film: a single piece can take months to complete.