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The life and times of a vintage Apple collector

The seller behind the rare Twiggy Macintosh 128K from earlier this year has spoken to Cult of Mac,/em> and revealed what it's like to be in the world of vintage Apple re-sale.

twiggy mac ebay
twiggy mac ebay

This past April an eBay seller with the username "wozniac" made headlines by putting a rare prototype of the original Macintosh 128K up for auction for a staggering $99,995. As we surmised, it wasn't actually Woz himself — the seller was 31-year-old Adam Goolevitch from Vancouver. It turns out Goolevitch is quite the collector and seller of vintage Apple goods, in fact the first Lisa 1 he bought over a decade ago was sold for enough to put a down payment on his house. Cult of Mac recently took the time to talk to him about his experiences in the world of vintage Apple resale — which include almost being mistaken for a drug dealer while selling a Lisa 1 in Washington — and even discovered why, aside from the obvious motivation, his goods fetch such high prices. "If someone is willing to pay this price they are probably going to take really good care of it," he explained. "It is an important piece of history to preserve."