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Hasselblad discounts several pro cameras, still a lot more than your average Canon

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Hasselblad has reduced the prices of its pro-level cameras with discounts around 20 percent.

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Hasselblad — the maker of professional grade, medium-format cameras — has reduced the pricing of its H series cameras in an effort to appeal to a larger audience of creative professionals. The camera maker is discounting the H4D-31 and the H4D-60 by approximately 20 percent, which puts them at $11,995 and $30,995, respectively. Both have medium-format sensors, but the H4D-31 clocks in at 31-megapixels and the H4D-60 comes in at a whopping 60 megapixels

Hasselblad is also dropping the price of a few other models as well, like the H4D-50, H4D-50MS, H4D200-MS, and the CFV-50. Make no mistake, the company's "reduced" pricing still puts this gear firmly outside the reach of mere mortals. If you're a professional photographer, though — or you simply have some money to burn — it's now a slightly more affordable proposition.