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Eee Pad Transformer TF101 gets Face Unlock and stability fixes in OTA update

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Asus has released an OTA update for the Eee Pad Transformer that enables Face Unlock and addresses various stability issues.

Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos
Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos

Asus has released another over-the-air update for its original Eee Pad Transformer. The update, version, includes bugfixes that address "system stability," though it's unclear whether or not it resolves common issues like random reboots and "sleep of death" problem (where the users lock the Transformer but it won't wake up). Despite these purported stability fixes, some users claim to be experiencing issues even after applying the update. The update also enables the Android 4.0 Face Unlock feature which, as the name implies, allows the device to be unlocked via facial recognition.

The update also adds some much needed features to the Android's AOSP email client, like threaded messaging, out-of-office responses, and the ability to schedule syncing. Though unmentioned in the change log, the Bluetooth firmware has moved from 8.27 to 8.30. If you haven't gotten this update over-the-air, you can download it for yourself at our source link. Let us know if it fixes any issues you might be having.