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Verizon preparing to raise FiOS broadband speeds and prices?

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Verizon CFO Fran Shammo recently revealed the company will be raising prices on its FiOS broadband service, but increased speeds may be coming along with it.

Verizon truck
Verizon truck

If it's available in your area, there's no disputing that Verizon's FiOS is one of the fastest broadband services available — and it may be getting even faster, for a price. According to DSL Reports, Big Red is planning on upping the speeds on two of the four FiOS tiers, bumping the 25 Mbps offering to 50 Mbps downstream and 25 Mbps upstream, while the 35 Mbps service would take a leap all the way to 75 Mbps downstream. There's no specific plans mentioned to alter the 15 / 5 Mbps service nor the 150 / 35 Mbps high-end option, but the company is said to also be considering a 300 Mbps tier for some markets. According to DSL Reports the service changes could arrive as soon as June 18th, but of course nothing's official until we hear it directly from Verizon.

What isn't in dispute is that FiOS price increases are on their way. Speaking Wednesday at the JP Morgan TMT Conference, Verizon's EVP and CFO Fran Shammo pointed to the continued accolades and high consumer ratings the service receives as proof that it is a "superior product in the marketplace." However, he also stated that the company needs to show more "discipline" in raising rates, saying "I think that you'll see us do some price increases here over the next two quarters." While Shammo made no mention of speed increases, the timing is certainly intriguing, and if Verizon wants those high consumer ratings to continue we imagine it will need to offer a little something back if it's going to charge more. On a positive note, Shammo indicated that should the profitability of FiOS increase, Verizon may decide to build out fiber infrastructure in additional markets — something it decided to stop back in 2010. Unfortunately, we won't be finding out the answer to that question anytime soon, with Shammo characterizing that decision as "years out, not right now."

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