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Play this: 'Star Drill'

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Another Ludum Dare game, Star Drill is a sci-fi kamikaze mission where your goal is to mine for diamonds in space.

Star Drill
Star Drill

In Star Drill you only have one goal: to grab as many diamonds as you can before you die. It's a kamikaze mission to be sure, but it's no less addictive because of it. It's yet another excellent game from the most recent Ludum Dare competition, and it plays sort of like a sci-fi version of Dig Dug. You play as a tiny spaceship burrowing your way through planets in order to harvest diamonds, but along the way you'll need to avoid incoming projectiles, lava explosions, and even explosive charges buried beneath the surface. You can only go down, and when you finish with one planet you'll need to fly your way to the next. The gameplay is pretty simple — all you need are the arrow keys — but the one-hit kills make sure each round is intense. There are actually two versions of the game — the original Ludum Dare version, and an updated one that adds some small but useful features like the ability to control your flight. The newer version is definitely more engaging, though the retro take on "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" in the original has its own charms.