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Mozilla details plans to unify Firefox's design across desktop and mobile

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A presentation from Mozilla's mobile UI lead details the company's vision for one unified design across all devices.


Mozilla has released mockups of an unnamed version of Firefox that seeks to streamline one design across all platforms. Detailed in a presentation by Mozilla's mobile UI lead, Madhava Enros, the project applies the company's Australis design to Windows 8 PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android. Enros' slides emphasize the company's focus on "soft textures" and "smooth curves," using the browser's rounded tabs, simplified dropdown menus, and navigation bar as examples. Mozilla is facing stiff competition in the category, with Google's Chrome for Android beta also striving to unify mobile browser functionality and design with desktop versions.

The project falls under the company's Kilimanjaro Initiative, which aims to establish Firefox as its own software ecosystem. The platform will combine the new designs with backend improvements, such as expanded app support and speed enhancements. Unfortunately, Enros' presentation made no mention of when Mozilla's drastic Firefox overhaul may arrive.