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Microsoft rolls out new Bing results page across the US

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Bing's updated search results page has reportedly gone live for everyone in the US.

bing results
bing results

If you've been using Bing to browse the web of late, you may have noticed a change to the results page — America's number two search engine has a new, stripped down design that's been rolling out to certain users. Today the updated page should be available to everyone in the US, and while we found that users in other countries like Japan and the UK are still on the old page by default, anyone can see the new one by adjusting their preferences. Is it worth it? The cleaned-up head is definitely a visual improvement, and moving the related searches bar to the right of the results reduces visual clutter. Removing some of Bing's more elaborate design flourishes may well invite comparisons with Google, but the result is a more attractive page that's easier to parse.

Thanks, Daniel!