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Facebook now sending 160 million users a month through to mobile apps

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Facebook is announcing it now sends 160 million mobile users a month to web and native mobile apps, up from 60 million just three months earlier.

Facebook Android login screen (stock)
Facebook Android login screen (stock)

Back in February, Facebook announced that it was sending 60 million mobile users a month to apps and games with Facebook Platform, which allows users who spot app-generated content in their news feeds to tap a link and go straight to the appropriate native or web app. The figure was a big deal, given that the service had only been available since October, 2011. Well, Facebook has posted some new numbers showing that figure increasing to 160 million in the last month; nearly tripling in a little over two months. Growth in the total number of mobile visits was the same story — up to 1.1 billion, from 320 million in late February. While social discovery for native apps was only available on iOS at launch, it was added to the Android client for the first time last week, so we can expect another big bump in the number of users in the next couple of months.