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Facebook Messenger for iPhone reportedly getting video chat update, iPad app also in development

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A 9to5Mac source has said that Facebook Messenger will be released for iPad later this summer, along with video chat capabilities on the iPhone.

Facebook messenger iOS stock
Facebook messenger iOS stock

Facebook's standalone messaging app for iPhone will soon receive video chat capabilities, according to 9to5Mac. The updated app will give iPhone and iPod Touch users the same video capabilities as the Skype-powered web interface, and would be the first app to integrate the video service that launched in July last year. Contacts able to video chat are indicated by a blue arrow to the right of their name (as shown below). There's also an iPad version of Messenger on the way, and 9to5Mac has been able to try both apps, saying that the video chat was "smooth most of the time," while the iPad app is "basically a larger version of the iPhone application."


9to5Mac's source says that the apps are currently in testing on Facebook's internal servers, and will likely be released ahead of an updated Android app. New builds of the iPad Messenger app are apparently being prepared regularly, suggesting that it's in active development. They've also said that Facebok will eventually make the Messenger app a universal binary, meaning one app will work for any iOS device, though there's no sign of video calling on the iPad app just yet.