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Sensory technology lets you unlock a phone with your voice

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Sensory is working on a new technology that will let you unlock your phone using only your voice.

iPhone 4S Siri
iPhone 4S Siri

While tools like Siri let you control aspects of your phone with your voice, you still need your hands to actually unlock the device — but speech technology company Sensory is looking to change that. The firm has unveiled a new technology that's essentially always listening, so that you can use your voice to unlock your phone and start issuing commands right away. Earlier this year Sensory partnered up with embedded chip maker Tensilica, and the two are working on building the tech into chips so that, even though it's constantly working, it only consumes a tiny amount of energy (around 5 to 10 milliamps). The new technology can also be used to help identify users by voice, adding a potential extra layer of security to the process of unlocking your phone. No OEM partners have been announced as of yet, but we'll likely hear more about the technology very soon, as Sensory will be showing it off at CTIA Wireless 2012 next week.