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Verizon's HomeFusion residential 4G LTE available nationwide starting this week

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Verizon's residential 4G LTE option, HomeFusion, is leaving its "public beat" and rolling out nationwide this week — with prices that might give you pause.

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Verizon HomeFusion residential 4G LTE (photoshopped stock)
Verizon HomeFusion residential 4G LTE (photoshopped stock)

Verizon's HomeFusion Broadband has been in public tests since at least March, and now the carrier is ready to roll out its residential LTE service nationwide — or at least, all the places Verizon has LTE service (230 markets, by its count). Starting this week, customers will be able to sign up at Verizon Wireless stores and requires professional installation of a 4G LTE antenna for your home. Speeds are estimated at 5-12Mbps down / 2-5Mbps up.

Here's what you need to know for pricing: the service starts at $60 per month for 10GB data, with tiers going up to $120 for 30GB. The overage charge is $10 per 1GB for all tiers, and the equipment / installation charge is a one-time $199.99 fee (which includes a modem / router). Verizon is offering 50 percent more data allowance for the first two billing cycles, but even then, the cost is notably higher (and speeds / allotment notably lower) than cable internet. Verizon Wireless's current "double data" deal also undercuts this, offering $80 per month for 20GB data compared with $90 for the HomeFusion equivalent and an "equipment fee" you can carry around with you. Needless to say, current cable and FiOS customers probably wont' be looking to "upgrade" any time soon.