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Google Docs adds 450 new fonts, 60 new templates, and more image importing options

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Google just announced a slew of new customization options for Google Docs, in the form of 450 new fonts users can add to their collection.

Google fonts
Google fonts

Google just rounded up the improvements made to Google Docs over the last month and announced the addition of 450 new fonts users can add to their collection. When selecting your font in Docs, there's a new menu item to "add fonts"; this brings up a new font management menu that displays all of the many new options that you can add to your default set of fonts. You can also re-arrange and delete fonts from your default set on the right. To help narrow down the many options, users can sort by popularity, alphabetical order, date added, or "trending" — though we're not sure exactly how trending differs from popularity. They're also grouped into four different style categories: handwriting, display, serif, and sans serif. Surprisingly, Google's own Android font Roboto doesn't appear to be included.

Google also highlights a number of other changes to Docs that rolled out over the last month, including 60 new templates and greatly expanded image support — now, users can add images from their shiny new Google Drive, search the Life magazine photo archive, or snap a photo with the webcam and add it directly. While 450 fonts might be about 400 more than most users need (not to mention the many templates that are a bit of an eyesore), more customization options for Docs users aren't necessarily a bad thing.