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Amateur sports teams can take advantage of pro-level stat tracking with new iOS app

The recently-released Sport Ngin Mobile for iPhone is an app that allows users to extensively follow amateur and semi-pro sporting teams with in-depth statistics, among other features.

Sport Ngin for iPhone
Sport Ngin for iPhone

It's always been easy to dive deep into statistics when it comes to the prestigious world of professional sports. Just about any factoid you could ever want to know is just a Google search away at any given moment, but the same luxury typically doesn't extend to amateur leagues and K-12 programs. Sure, varsity coaches with a big budget might be able to livestream games in HD, but what about parents looking for an easy way to gauge their kid's performance? TST Media has long sought to answer that call with its Sport Ngin (yes, that's pronounced "engine") platform, which currently hosts over 80,000 sites for various teams throughout the country. Now the company has released an iPhone app which lets fans keep tabs on their favorite amateur or semi-pro squad from the iOS device.

The amount of content you'll see varies wildly depending on how much data is being entered by each team. Many of those we randomly sampled stuck to the basics: win / loss records, upcoming schedules, and standings. But Sport Ngin also offers fairly sophisticated stat tracking (such as on base percentage for baseball) for those willing to take the time and input the relevant info. Unfortunately, golf support is somewhat rudimentary, but there are always other ways of monitoring your swing. Teams can also post news stories along with photos and video of each game (which can be uploaded directly from within the app once you've signed up for an account). The app is free in the iTunes App Store now, though there's an annual $3.99 subscription fee for those planning to follow more than a single team.