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Facebook's Open Compute Project: one year later

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Wired takes a look at Facebook's Open Compute Project, and how the company's efforts to open-source its own hardware and server designs is creating change throughout the industry.

Facebook logo
Facebook logo

When Facebook announced the Open Compute Project — an initiative to open-source its own server designs in an effort to create better, more efficient data centers — it wasn't clear how well the project would work. Now, a year later, Wired has taken a look and found a great deal of success. From Facebook's own hardware designs, including the friction hinge found in its prototype "Knox" storage device — capable of supporting 800 pounds — to the active involvement of the likes of Intel, Dell, and HP, it's clear the company is succeeding in creating an engaged group of partners that are changing the way data centers are put together. It's something that has the potential to impact not just businesses, but consumers as well, so if you'd like to take a look at what Facebook's team has been working on, you'll definitely enjoy the read.