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Play this: 'Super Strict Farmer'

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Super Strict Farmer is a fast-paced farming simulator developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.

Super Strict Farmer
Super Strict Farmer

The Ludum Dare game jam, themed this year around "tiny worlds," has previously proved a fertile source of browser games, most recently Extensionism. Super Strict Farmer (built, like several of the others, in 48 hours) takes inspiration from Settlers of Catan or even FarmVille, but in a miniature form that's limited to twelve rounds. Two players (or one player and a devilishly good AI) compete to strip the resources from a floating island, building structures and gathering enough food to stave off starvation long enough to score victory points before the end of the game. The rules are explained on the game page here, but it's more fun to learn through playing a quick game or two, and the fast pace keeps it from getting frustrating or developing the click-addiction quality of your average resource management sim.