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Relive 80s sci-fi in pictures with 'Creative Computer Graphics'

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Relive the 1980s with a book that looks at some excellent, decades-old computer graphics.

Creative Computer Graphics
Creative Computer Graphics

Today we can use computers to create incredibly realistic graphics, but in the 1980s that wasn't really the case. But in spite of their relative simplicity, computer graphics from that decade hold a certain amount of nostalgia for many of us, and a great way to relive that is with the book Creative Computer Graphics. While it may not have a creative name, it's packed with some terrific artwork taken from everywhere from films like The Last Starfighter and Tron, to animations used during computer simulations. It may be a few decades old, but there are still some folks selling the book over at Amazon — and if you want to get a taste of what's on offer you can check out some scans at Sci-fi-o-rama and a short preview from Google Books.