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Unofficial concept video suggests some interesting changes for Google Calendar, Contacts, and Maps

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A concept video from a group of designers introduces some notable improvements to Google's suite of web apps.

Russian Google unofficial concept video
Russian Google unofficial concept video

Last year's rollout of a refreshed UI across Google's essential suite of web apps proved that the company isn't afraid to experiment with design. Now, a group of Russian designers have offered up a video containing some additional changes they'd like to see at some point in the future. Titled "Google New Features," at first glance the YouTube clip almost looks like it came directly from the folks in Mountain View, focusing on usability upgrades to Calendar, Maps, and Contacts. Sadly, the maligned Google Reader layout doesn't seem to be on the design firm's radar.

The concept video teases some intriguing updates to Calendar, including the ability to create events spanning multiple days from the default view, and a feature that auto populates events with relevant data. The designers have also dreamt up a daily task list that accompanies your standard calendar, an addition we'd welcome without a moment's hesitation.

Maps gets a bit of a makeover with a routes map that automatically plots out directions for your appointments each day, and there's also a new Photos tab that the team says would display pictures of events you've been to previously. Google Contacts sees improved integration of Google+ competitors Facebook and Twitter along with an Organizations tab that serves as a quick reference point for your favorite businesses. The whole clip is worth a watch, particularly for the borderline creepy ending that makes light of Google's unrelenting thirst for your data.