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RedPower 2 mod brings fully emulated 6502 CPU to Minecraft

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A Minecraft programmer known as [eloraam] has used her RedPower 2 mod to create a fully emulated 6502 computer.

Red Power Minecraft
Red Power Minecraft

We've seen some memorable Minecraft recreations in recent years, but a programmer known as [eloraam] has taken things to the next level with RedPower 2 — a mod she used to create a fully emulated 6502 computer. As explained in the 23-minute tutorial below, the [eloraam]'s system essentially consists of three "blocks" representing a CPU, monitor, and disk drive, which combine to recreate the famed 6502 — an 8-bit microprocessor first introduced in 1975, and used across a variety of 1980s-era video game systems and computers.. These blocks are connected with ribbon cables, and are capable of interacting with any other blocks in Minecraft. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that [eloraam] even programmed her own OS for the computer, using Forth — a stack-based programming language. The gamer acknowledges that there are still some slight glitches and compatibility issues with her recipe, though she promises to address those in the near future.