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YouTube users now uploading 72 hours of video per minute

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Seven years since the first public beta of YouTube, users are now uploading more than 72 hours of footage every minute to Google's servers.

youtube tv world
youtube tv world

Happy birthday to YouTube. To get an idea of just how big the video sharing site has become in the seven years since its launch, consider this: users are now uploading 72 hours of video to YouTube per minute. That's a 50 percent gain from a year ago, when users were uploading a meager 48 hours of footage a minute. On the consumption side, YouTube now serves over 3 billion hours of video to 800 million unique users a month, or about 15 minutes per user. What's really remarkable is that YouTube's growth is actually accelerating: while the hours per minute figure increased 25 percent in the eight months leading up to January, it's grown by another 20 percent in the five months since then.