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Apple outlines Campus 2 'spaceship' for Cupertino neighbors

Apple outlines Campus 2 'spaceship' for Cupertino neighbors


Apple has reached out to its Cupertino neighbors via a mass mailing that details its plans for the company's upcoming Apple Campus 2.

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Apple has reached out to its neighbors in Cupertino, CA with a mass mailing that details the company's ambitious plans for its upcoming "spaceship" campus. The letter, signed by CFO Peter Oppenheimer and obtained by 9to5Mac, lays out current plans for the research facility — now formally referred to as Apple Campus 2. Much of the content within is rehashed from an appearance the late Steve Jobs made before Cupertino's city council in June of last year. But seeing as we doubt every local resident keeps up with the latest Apple gossip, it's a handy summarization for those interested.

Oppenheimer details the company's plans to demolish 26 buildings to make way for the futuristic circular building that will total 2.8 million square feet and house 13,000 employees. Further, he makes a point to address any concerns that the project could have a negative impact on those living nearby, emphasizing that Apple Campus 2 will be "set back from the street" and was designed with respect to neighbors in mind. As you might expect, Oppenheimer makes sure to highlight the company's environmental goals for the project. "What's currently a sea of asphalt will be transformed into nearly 120 acres of green space," he says, and goes on to reveal that there will be no manufacturing or "heavy industrial activity" taking place on site.

Much like Apple's campus at One Infinite Loop, you won't be able to simply waltz into Apple Campus 2 without an invitation: the building will be off limits to the public. Speaking of which, Oppenheimer makes clear that Apple's current home will remain its corporate headquarters for the foreseeable future. As for the roadmap ahead, the City of Cupertino will be considering approval of the project later this year. Apple says it will break ground immediately after receiving the go-ahead, and hopes to begin occupying Campus 2 sometime in 2015.