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TiVo Stream transcoder and IP-based set-top box detailed

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TiVo has officially unveiled both its streaming transcoder and IP-based set-top box, both of which should be available by the end of summer.

TiVo Stream
TiVo Stream

We already knew that TiVo was working on a transcoder and IP-based set-top box, and today the company has unveiled the final retail versions for both. The set-top box works with your TiVo Premiere Q, and lets you watch both live and recorded TV on additional televisions throughout the house. Meanwhile, the transcoder — now known as TiVo Stream — makes it possible to either stream content to your mobile device to watch while on your home network, or download it so that you can watch it later. It works with either a TiVo Premiere or Premiere Q, and so far the company has only revealed the iPhone and iPad as supported devices. Both products will be sold at retail and through select cable operators, though we don't currently have any pricing or availability details yet — TiVo says to expect that information in the "coming months." Previously the company said that both devices would be available "by the end of summer."