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Motorola's DreamGallery TV software launching through North American cable companies

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Motorola's DreamGallery, a platform for saving and viewing TV on multiple platforms, is being launched in North America this year. The service is meant to be used by telecoms, making it distinct from set-top box or smart TV solutions.

Motorola DreamGallery
Motorola DreamGallery

Every set-top box maker, TV manufacturer, and cable company has a vision for "the future of television," and now Motorola is expanding the push for its own version. DreamGallery, which will launch in North America later this year, is an HTML5-based platform that lets cable providers make near-instant changes to their user interfaces. It's meant to work on anything from televisions to smartphones — unlike standard set-top box software, though, it'll be seamlessly integrated into cable providers' own services. Canada's Shaw Communications will be the first North American partner.

While this is one of the first looks we've had at DreamGallery in the US, the cable operator side of the software was shown off last September at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. Motorola also says it's already seen success with the platform in Europe. "Smarter" TV interfaces are a given at this point, but DreamGallery is one of the new telecom-based services that will be competing with Samsung, Apple, and others to put the user experience back in the hands of cable operators.

Update: We had a chance to check out DreamGallery at the 2012 Cable Show in Boston and found out more about how it'll be deployed and what makes it unique.