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Motorola staff could see layoffs following Google buyout, says TechCrunch

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Google's purchase of Motorola should be complete this week, though it might be followed with a series of layoffs.

Motorola Crate Shadow Stock 1020
Motorola Crate Shadow Stock 1020

Now that Chinese regulators have approved Google's acquisition of Motorola, the deal should be closing very soon, though it looks like it might also include a significant number of layoffs. TechCrunch reports that layoffs are coming imminently — the site initially reported that as much as 30 percent of Motorola's worldwide staff could be cut, though the number has since been pulled from the article. Last week it was revealed that the purchase was was expected to close this week, and it looks like the process is moving ahead as planned — in an 8-K form filed today, Motorola explained that with the China approval "the companies are moving to close the transaction within two business days." The purchase was approved in both the US and Europe in February, though in China the approval required a major stipulation — Google will have to keep Android free for at least the next five years.