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HTC Car StereoClip Bluetooth music adapter now available through Sprint

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HTC's Car Stereoclip Bluetooth music streaming adapter is now shipping from Sprint, with availability at AT&T expected soon.

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As expected, Sprint is now selling HTC's Car StereoClip, the miniature wireless adapter that plugs into any 3.5mm jack and lets users stream music from Bluetooth-enabled handsets. Integrated support for the aptX codec means you'll hear improved audio quality from compatible devices like the One X, and owners of an HTC smartphone also get the added benefit of automatic pairing. You'll need to charge the adapter via microUSB to get music playing, and its 85 mAh battery is said to top out at around five hours of continuous streaming. Thankfully you won't need to use the Car StereoClip immediately after a charge, as HTC promises up to 120 hours of standby time thanks to a built-in power consumption feature that cuts power when nothing's being streamed.

We can't see ditching our tried and true auxiliary cable just yet, but the Car StereoClip may prove compelling to anyone with an aptX-enabled device that's looking to live wirelessly. It's priced at $59.99, and AT&T is also expected to be shipping the adapter in the near future.