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Carl Zeiss creates online vision test to ring in 100 years of 'Precision Lenses'

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Zeiss has created vision-checking website to mark its 100th anniversary.

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To mark its 100th anniversary, Zeiss has created an online eye exam that lets you gauge the accuracy of your vision. While it won't substitute for visiting a real optometrist, and it's not the first such online test, the tool can give a rough estimation of a person's visual capacity. The tool first calibrates to your exact screen size by having you hold up a credit card and size the onscreen card to match. Then, it has you judge the direction of letters at various sizes and contrast levels using the arrow keys. Finally, it tests for color blindness by embedding subtly colored letters among diagrams of tightly packed dots.

You don't need fine Zeiss optics to see that Medgadget's interview with Zeiss' Jeff Hopkins reads a bit like the company line, especially when he agrees that "50 percent of Americans might not be wearing eyeglasses or contacts that are optimized for their eyes." To remedy this, Hopkins notes that Zeiss is creating an iPad catalog of their products so that users can easily find a product that matches their needs. Sure, it's an ad, but it's an interactive one.