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Diet Coda for iPad and Coda 2 for OS X coming May 24th for your web coding needs

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Panic Software is updating its web coding tool Coda to version 2, while also introducing the mobile-focused Diet Coda for the iPad.

Diet Coda for iPad screenshot
Diet Coda for iPad screenshot

There's no shortage of clever tools and editors for coding web pages on OS X, and one of the most attractive all-in-one options — Panic Software's Coda — is getting a version 2 upgrade this week, along with an iPad version called Diet Coda. The Coda upgrade features a refreshed user interface, including a new scrolling tab bar for quick navigation, a newly-integrated CSS editor, and a MySQL editor built into the app itself. Even bigger news is the company's new iPad app, Diet Coda. It offers a stripped-down version of the full Coda experience, bundling basic code editing, FTP capabilities, and the company's SSH client into one package, all along with support for the new iPad's Retina display. Diet Coda can also be used in conjunction with the Mac app, turning the iPad into a wireless display for previewing the work you're doing on your desktop or laptop. Both apps will be available on May 24th, with Diet Coda running $9.99 (Coda 2 will be a paid upgrade, though users that bought the current version within the last month will receive the new version free of charge). If you'd like to try out either app, you might want to act quickly, however: Panic will be selling both at a 50-percent discount their first 24 hours on the market.