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Radiohead's 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' get an 8-bit reimagining

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YouTube user QuintonSung has posted 8-bit reworkings of Radiohead's classic albums OK Computer and Kid A.

8-bit ok computer
8-bit ok computer

YouTube user QuintonSung has seemingly one goal in life — to reinvent Radiohead's lavishly-produced electro-rock epics for something a little more befitting the Famicom sound chip. An 8-bit rendition of Kid A in its entirety was completed last month, and now 1997 classic OK Computer is available from start to finish — complete with Super Mario Bros. coin effects punctuating the climax to Paranoid Android. We're not sure either album will satisfy those of you who wish Radiohead would drop the samples and go back to guitars, but the existence of a separate Planet Telex video suggests that The Bends is next on QuintonSung's agenda.