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David Beckham promotes the Galaxy Note as Samsung's Olympic Games ambassador

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Samsung has made David Beckham its official representative of the 2012 Olympic Games. To commemorate the occasion, the company has released a commercial featuring the LA Galaxy star promoting the Galaxy Note.

david beckham talking on a galaxy note
david beckham talking on a galaxy note

Samsung seems to be getting into the Olympic party spirit — first we had yesterday's announcement of the limited edition Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y, and now we're seeing fruits of the relationship with David Beckham, the company's official representative of the Games. Samsung has released a new commercial featuring the LA Galaxy (see what they did there?) star talking on the Note before kicking out a rendition of Ode to Joy with some drums and a soccer ball. The video was leaked a few days ago, but has now been posted to Samsung's Korean site.

In keeping with many of Samsung's promotional ventures, the Galaxy Note itself doesn't feature very heavily in the commercial, but it could be a canny move nonetheless. Beckham has made unlikely fashion hits out of fauxhawks and sarongs in the past, so there may be no better icon to convince the masses that it's okay to speak on a gargantuan phone in public.