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Kevin Smith's 'Spoilers' one of ten new shows in Hulu's summer lineup

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Hulu's summer lineup includes three original programs, including Kevin Smith's Spoilers, and seven international programs that are new to US audiences.

hulu plus 1020 stock
hulu plus 1020 stock

Hulu’s original programming ambitions are growing, with the streaming video provider announcing the addition of three shows premiering this summer on Hulu and Hulu Plus, complimented by seven international programs new to US audiences. The shows include Spoilers — a half-hour movie program hosted by Kevin Smith and premiering June 4th. According to Smith, Spoilers is built around the idea of 50 people talking about a film they just saw together, and incorporates bits from frequent collaborator Jason Mewes, among others. The lineup also features Up to Speed, a previously-announced travel documentary from Dazed and Confused director Richard Linklater and starring Timothy “Speed” Levitch.

Several Canadian and British shows are also finding spots in the summer lineup, including the second season of The Booth at the End, a sci-fi program originally broadcast on CityTV, and BBC 2 sitcom Rev. Hulu rival Netflix hasn't been standing still on the original content front, though. It has plans to release its David Fincher-directed political series House of Cards late this year, before launching the long-awaited new season of Arrested Development and Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove series in 2013. By all accounts the content arms race between streaming providers isn't stopping any time soon.