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PSA: Windows Mobile Marketplace shutting down today

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Microsoft has sent a final reminder to its Windows Mobile 6.x customers to confirm the Marketplace closure on May 22nd.

Motorola q9c windows mobile 6
Motorola q9c windows mobile 6

If you're still using a classic Windows Mobile smartphone then today is d-day for access to the Marketplace. Microsoft has been warning Windows Mobile 6.x users over the past few months about the Marketplace closure, constantly pushing the date back, but the service will be removed today. Windows Mobile 6.x apps and games will still be available directly from application developers, but Microsoft's curated Marketplace will no longer provide updates and new apps for Windows Mobile users.

Microsoft is urging Windows Mobile users to review the apps and games installed on a device, to ensure any available updates are installed in advance of the closure today. If you're still an active Windows Mobile user then it might be a good time to consider the latest Windows Phone 7 devices, or some of the other handsets we saw at CES and MWC.