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Good Deal: Dropzone productivity app for OS X on sale today for $2

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Popular Mac productivity app Dropzone is on sale for $2 until 11AM ET, May 22nd.


Until 7PM ET today, May 22nd, the popular productivity app Dropzone is going for only $2 on the Mac App Store; a discount of 86 percent off its regular $13.99 price. Dropzone lives in your menu bar, and, much like Droplr, allows you to drop everything from chunks of text, to files, folders, and URLs onto it. Unlike Droplr, Dropzone lets you send these items to other services like Dropbox, Flickr, Pastebin,, and Amazon S3 storage. You can use it to install applications directly from DMGs, Zip multiple files and add them to emails, and set your desktop picture without digging through preferences.

Developers can extend Dropzone with a Ruby-based scripting API, leading to some great additions like Open URLs, which parses your files or text for weblinks and opens them in separate tabs. The sale is part of this week's Two Dollar Tuesday promotion alongside Compartments and Socialite, which are both $2 as well. If you miss the sale deadline, don't worry — in our opinion Dropzone is a good value even at $13.99, and you can always try it out for 15 days for free.