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Sprint kills 5GB mobile hotspot plan, offers less cost-effective 2GB and 6GB plans to fill void

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Sprint has updated its hotspot / mobile tethering plans, offering new 2GB ($20) and 6GB ($50) options while removing the previously available 5GB tier.

Sprint Flatiron Logo
Sprint Flatiron Logo

Tethering and hotspot usage is one area where Sprint's unlimited mantra no longer applies, and the carrier recently made some changes to the plans it offers for those services. As of May 18th, customers can choose between two tiers: 2GB for $20 ($10 per GB), or 6GB for $50 ($8.33 per GB). Sadly the previous 5GB for $30 configuration, which worked out to a more favorable $6 per GB, is no longer available. That's not to say less data-hungry users won't appreciate the new 2GB rate, however. Those who were already subscribed to the 5GB plan will be able to keep that setup so long as their contract with Sprint remains active.

Overage fees run 5 cents for each additional MB that exceeds your chosen configuration. That adds up to a hefty $50 per gigabyte, and comes in stark contrast to the $10 per GB fee collected by rival carriers Verizon and AT&T. Sprint's now letting customers enroll to receive alerts as they hit the 75, 90 and 100 percent marks of their data limit, and we'd recommend taking advantage of that considering the potential harm overages pose to your bank account.