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Samsung Galaxy S III now on sale in Dubai

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It looks like Galaxy S III fans in Dubai are able to get their hands on Samsung's latest smartphone a bit early.

Samsung Galaxy S III dubai unboxing
Samsung Galaxy S III dubai unboxing

While most of us are still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III to finally arrive, it appears that the much-anticipated smartphone is already on sale in Dubai. The news comes first from Reddit, where one user spotted a "now available" poster for the phone in a local mall, and spoke to a sales clerk to determine that the white variant of the phone was on sale for $666. Meanwhile, a Verge reader has also sent in some pics of a Galaxy S III apparently purchased in Dubai for AED2,499 (around $680). The pics show the phone itself as well as the accessories that come packed in the box. The news should make the millions who pre-ordered the phone quite jealous, but the rest of us will still have to wait a few weeks to get our hands on one — the Galaxy S III goes on sale in Europe on May 29th, before coming to North America in June.

Thanks @ylootah!