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Verizon Jetpack 890L hotspot goes on sale May 24th for $19.99 on-contract

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Verizon has priced the ZTE-manufactured Jetpack 890L hotspot: it'll cost you $19.99 with a two-year contract when it's released on May 24th.

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Verizon had two new LTE hotspots to show us back at CES, the Jetpack 4620L (which we recently reviewed) and the Jetpack 890L. The carrier has just now finally figured out how it's going to price the latter: $19.99 with a two year agreement. That's certainly a bargain price for a new LTE hotspot, but there's a reason why it's $30 cheaper than its brother, the 4620L. It's far larger (3.96-inches square), and it has what we found to be a disappointingly dim OLED display when we saw the hotpot in person. The global-ready unit offers 3G speeds in over 125 countries, and up to ten devices can connect to the hotspot at once. If you're interested, Verizon says you can pick up the ZTE-manufactured Jetpack 890L on May 24th. Oh, and to get that $19.99 price you'll need to submit one of those pesky $50 mail-in rebates.