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Ion Air Pro HD sports camera with Wi-Fi now on sale for $349.99

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The sports cameras Ion announced at CES have launched, offering 1080p HD capture and an optional real-time uploading feature.

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The sports cameras Ion announced at CES have launched, adding another name to the list of options available for action photographers. The Ion Air Pro line of camcorders starts at $229.99 and offers 1080p HD video capture in a small, easily mountable format. More exciting, though, is the flagship Air Pro Wi-Fi, which includes a small wireless radio that fits onto the back of the camera and lets you control the camera or transfer content with an iOS (and soon Android) app in real time. Ion says it's planning more modular additions in the future, like a higher-quality microphone or an extra battery.

The camera comes in three varieties: the vanilla Air Pro, the $289.99 Air Pro Plus (which includes a mounting system for helmets or bikes), and the $349.99 Air Pro Wi-Fi. All three are waterproof up to 30 feet, have a 170 degree wide angle lens, and come with 8GB of free cloud storage through The battery is supposed to last around 2.5 hours. The cameras don't offer anything quite as futuristic as MOD Live compatibility, but you can check them out now either on Ion's site or on Amazon.