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Comcast adds free voice calls and texting over Wi-Fi to Xfinity Voice

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Comcast is taking aim at Google Voice and Skype with a new feature that will let Xfinity Voice subscribers call or text for no additional charge over any Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Comcast Xfinity logos
Comcast Xfinity logos

Comcast is taking aim at Google Voice and Skype with an addition to its Xfinity Voice service. A new feature, called Voice 2go, will allow Voice users to make calls or send text messages from their home phone number for free over any Wi-Fi network. Calls can also be made over mobile 3G or 4G networks, although we imagine standard data rates will apply. Making calls requires the Xfinity Connect Mobile app for iOS or Android; on traditional PCs, customers can use Comcast's Xfinity Connect service.

Xfinity Voice has offered VoIP-like services to Comcast customers for some time, but this new feature brings it more into the territory of go-anywhere internet calling tools. It's also adding a system that will let customers choose up to four personal phone numbers and then use them with Voice 2go, so families can give individual members unique numbers. This will be rolled out to new and existing customers "soon;" the new voice service is now available through updated versions of the Xfinity apps.