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Google Doodle for Robert Moog is a fully functional synthesizer

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Google's commemorative Doodle for the birthday of Robert Moog is a fully functional Moog synthesizer.

Moog Google Doodle
Moog Google Doodle

Google's commemorative Doodles have become increasingly complex as the company grows, and a new one celebrating what would have been the 78th birthday of electronic music pioneer Robert Moog is one of the best yet. The doodle, which has already gone live in some places, is a recreation of the Moog synthesizer that visitors can actually play. Like the Les Paul Doodle, you can record your songs, but Google's added a couple of sharing tools, so you can post music directly to Plus or send a link. There's also a full set of knobs for adjusting the waveform, volume, and just about everything else you'd find on a real Moog. We expect this to go live on May 23rd — Moog's birthday — in the US, but for now you can check it out on the Japanese site.