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US Cellular now recommending apps in the Amazon Appstore

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US Cellular is now recommending apps to its customers, with a new curated menu option inside the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store

US Cellular is getting into the world of app recommendations with a new menu option inside the Amazon Appstore that provides a "specially curated" list of apps for customers. The company says that "most" Android devices will have access to the new section of the store — which will make US Cellular the first carrier to offer this kind of curated app selection — and the recommendations will include everything from social media tools to games, with new content being added regularly. We're not quite sure how the carrier decides which apps get recommended, though — it simply says that suggested apps will be "pre-selected and approved by US Cellular." A number of the US Cellular's Android devices already come pre-loaded with the Appstore, and it's interesting to see Amazon continue to work closely with carriers to promote its store. And if you own the right device, you might even be able to test a real-time demo of the recommended app without actually installing it.