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Mozilla Webmaker wants to help people learn to code by working together

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Mozilla has launched Webmaker, an umbrella project to help motivate people to learn coding or markup. The project will start with the Summer Code Party, which will last from June to September and partner with local organizations to host events.

Mozilla Coding Party
Mozilla Coding Party

Remember last week, when we told you to learn to code? Mozilla agrees, and it's launching an effort to make that process easier for everyone. Mozilla Webmaker is a new project meant to "help the world make the web" with the aid of major partners like Tumblr, Creative Commons, and the San Francisco Public Library. If you want to learn coding or markup, of course, there's no shortage of options already, and Webmaker looks like it will be a sort of umbrella project, gathering some of the tools Mozilla has already made, posting new ones, and organizing collaborative events.

So far, the biggest concrete goal for the project is the Summer Code Party, which will help local organizations like clubs and libraries host meetings and keep would-be coders motivated by having them work together. The official Webmaker site will launch June 6th; the Summer Code Party will start shortly thereafter on June 23rd and run through September. Thinking back to how many languages I've started and abandoned, making it easier to stay on track through collaboration doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.