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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 reportedly now has an S Pen slot

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Samsung appears to have added an S Pen slot to the Galaxy Note 10.1.

galaxy note 10.1 s pen slot (tablet community)
galaxy note 10.1 s pen slot (tablet community)

Samsung appears to have fixed one of the Galaxy Note 10.1's more baffling oversights. The tablet supports the S Pen stylus just like the original Galaxy Note, but when we first laid hands on the tablet at MWC we couldn't understand why there wasn't a slot to keep the stylus in. While Samsung helpfully told us at the time that we could simply buy a case with a pen holder, German site Tablet Community reports that the company has hit upon a better solution — finding room in the device for a place to slot the S Pen. With a potentially major usability issue seemingly solved, Samsung now has the task of finding enough compelling reasons for tablet owners to want a stylus in the first place.