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Photoshop CS6 beta comes to a close

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Adobe's beta program for Photoshop CS6 appears to have ended. Users that want to continue using the software will need to pay for a license or access to Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription service.

adobe cs6 1020
adobe cs6 1020

If you’ve been enjoying Adobe’s free Photoshop CS6 beta, we have bad news to report — it appears the company has pulled the plug. Several users are reporting on Twitter that the beta is no longer working, and we have noticed our copies aren’t functioning either. While Adobe stopped offering the beta for download back on May 3rd, beta participants have had the past three weeks to continue using the software. If you’re one of the many who haven't migrated to the paid version of CS6 since it went on sale, Adobe's prices start at $699 for a standard Photoshop license ($249 for the student version), or you can always go the Creative Cloud route for $49.99 a month ($29.99 for students) and access all of Adobe’s tools without the big upfront expense.