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'Mass Effect: Infiltrator' for Android now available

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Mass Effect: Infiltrator, the mobile tie-in to Mass Effect 3, can now be purchased for Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store.

mass effect infiltrator android 1600
mass effect infiltrator android 1600

One-time iPhone and iPad exclusive Mass Effect: Infiltrator is now available in the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 and up. Made by Iron Monkey Studios, whose previous work includes the excellent Dead Space for iOS and Android, the Mass Effect 3 tie-in lets you take the role of Randall Ezno as you battle Cerberus using similar cover-shooter mechanics found in the console version of the game (optimized for touch, naturally). As with before, playing through Infiltrator will affect your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3, potentially leading to a different ending to BioWare's epic trilogy. Mass Effect: Infiltrator for Android can be purchased for $6.99, a $2 premium over iOS.