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Google Search 2.0 for iPhone offers new UI, quicker results, and full-screen image search

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Google has released version 2.0 of its Google Search app for iPhone, which contains a number of visual and performance enhancements.

Google Search 2.0 for iPhone
Google Search 2.0 for iPhone

Google Search for iPhone has been updated to version 2.0 today, bringing with it a fleet of improvements including a new user interface, speedier performance, and full-screen image search. Google has also simplified access to its other services within the app, making a distinction between web apps and those you've installed from the App Store.

The company promises a quicker search experience thanks to faster autocomplete suggestions and snappier page loading times in general. A refreshed design should help in this department, as users can now swipe between various search modes (Images, Places, etc.) and promptly get back to those search results if necessary by swiping away external webpages.

Image search has gained some aesthetic upgrades, with Google now displaying results in a full-screen grid format that promises high-resolution previews. Further, you can tap any image to view it full size and then swipe between additional results that way. Pictures can be saved to the iOS camera roll directly from this grid view by tapping and holding a desired shot.

Overall, it's a marked improvement over what had once been little more than a mirror of the company's mobile website. Google Search 2.0 is available via the iTunes App Store now. Note that although it's a universal app, this update leaves the iPad version largely untouched, adding only the ability to save image results to the camera roll.