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LG promises its OLED TV will launch ahead of Samsung's in Europe

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LG has promised that its 55-inch OLED TV will launch before Samsung's in Europe but has ruled out a launch in May or June.


The race between Samsung and LG to release the first 55-inch OLED TV is still on, but LG maintains that it will beat Samsung to the punch. At an event in Monaco, LG held another unveiling event for its ultra-thin OLED TV, promising that it would be "the first company" to release one in the European market. Unfortunately, this wasn't accompanied by a price or a firm release date: it's still expected to launch in the "second half of the year," the same timeframe we've been given for Samsung's TV.

While LG's OLED TV is rumored to be coming out fairly soon, we've now been told not to expect it this month or even in June. When it is released, it's likely to cost around 9 million won (about $8,000 US) in Korea, compared to 10 million won ($9,000 US) for Samsung. Obviously that's a bit steep for all but the most dedicated home theater aficionados, but we're still looking forward to knowing when this beautiful 4mm-thick piece of hardware will start showing up in stores.