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LiquiGlide coating lets you enjoy ketchup down to the last drop

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An MIT PhD candidate is determined to further decrease surface friction by using a structured liquid known as LiquiGlide.

ketchup 1366
ketchup 1366

Despite advancements in superhydrophobic technology, the ketchup bottle is a particular product that is determined to keep us away from the entirety of the contents contained within. Fortunately, MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith and his team have created a way to empty the bottle once and for all with the help of LiquiGlide. Tested with FDA-approved materials, the spray-on coating is "kind of a structured liquid it’s rigid like a solid, but it’s lubricated like a liquid." Smith's ultimate goal is to take LiquiGlide beyond the bottle to create an anti-icing material or clog-resistant oil and gas lines but will concentrate on sauce bottles for the time being, a market that Smith estimates is worth $17 billion. The team is currently working with bottling companies to potentially help push the product, although nothing has been set in stone.