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Windows 8 Metro browser to include limited Adobe Flash support

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Microsoft will support some Adobe Flash content in its Metro browser for Windows 8.

Internet Explorer 10 flash
Internet Explorer 10 flash

Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser will include support for some types of Adobe Flash content in the Metro style version for Windows 8. The software giant is currently integrating Flash directly into Internet Explorer 10, with a view to only supporting certain use case scenarios to ensure battery life, security, and reliability remain intact in Metro browsing.

Rafael Rivera and winunleaked revealed the changes on Wednesday, and we have been able to confirm them independently. Although Microsoft originally said it would only support a plug-in free environment for its Windows 8 Metro browser, the change of heart stems from the fact that some content on the web is not yet HTML5 ready. We understand that a limited amount of Flash content will be supported to ensure Windows 8 users still see key web experiences, but that not all Flash content will render. Expect to see the changes in the upcoming Windows 8 Release Preview, due in early June.