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GameFly to publish Android and iOS games; Android GameStore on the way

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Game subscription service is expanding its suite of digital products, announcing plans to publish iOS and Android games, as well as introducing an independent GameStore for Android.

GameFly logo 640
GameFly logo 640

Gaming subscription service GameFly is moving beyond mere distribution, with the company announcing that it will begin publishing titles on its own for iOS and Android. Rather than develop titles from scratch, the company is targeting developers that are already in the process of developing their own games, but would like to partner with an outside company for distribution and promotion. Taking things a step further, GameFly will also be introducing its own third-party app store for Android — dubbed the GameFly GameStore — which will offer a selection of curated titles. While GameFly has been known as a Netflix-style service for gaming aficionados, offering physical media through the mail, it has recently been moving towards digital distribution in earnest, debuting a download service for PC gamers after a beta test last year. The GameStore for Android will be debuting later this fall, with the company expecting to publish its first titles for Apple's and Google's mobile platforms this summer.