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Time Warner Cable iPad app updated with Retina graphics, performance improvements

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Time Warner Cable has updated its TWC TV iPad app to take advantage of the Retina display found on Apple's latest tablet.

Time Warner Cable iPad App icon
Time Warner Cable iPad App icon

Time Warner Cable has updated its TWC TV live streaming app for iPad with new graphics optimized for the Retina display. The app now takes on a noticeably sharper appearance throughout the menus and channel guide, though video quality looks to be virtually unchanged from previous iterations of the app. The cable provider also says that performance enhancements and minor bug fixes are part of the latest release, though you wouldn't know that judging by it's App Store rating. The new version currently holds just a two-star review average, with negative feedback centered around "request timed out" errors, sluggish performance, and a continued lack of AirPlay support. Considering CEO Glenn Britt's unfamiliarity with Apple's streaming protocol, we're not exactly holding our breath for that last bit.

Nonetheless, Time Warner customers that aren't experiencing any issues with the app can use their iPad as an additional TV screen in the home — so long as the device is connected to their Wi-Fi network. The free app is available in the iTunes Store now.

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