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John Malkovich and Siri star in new iPhone 4S ads

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Actor John Malkovich is the latest celebrity to headline an Apple commercial promoting Siri and the iPhone 4S.

John Malkovich and iPhone 4S siri
John Malkovich and iPhone 4S siri

If you thought Zooey Deschannel of and Samuel L. Jackson would be the only celebrities Apple would use to promote Siri, we suggest seeking wiser counsel. Apple's latest actor-whose-best-friend-is-an-AI commercial stars John Malkovich, a cup of coffee, a spacious living room, and a white iPhone 4S. In the two 30-second spots, the prolific actor (Empire of the Sun, Dangerous Liaisons, Santabear's First Christmas) offers Siri curt one-word requests and patiently listens to the wordier responses — "weather," "evening," "Linguica," and "joke" in one; just "life" in the other.

Although the low-quality TV captures we saw last night specifically referenced carriers — an AT&T logo at the end of "Life," a Verizon one at the end of "Joke" — the HD versions Apple uploaded to its YouTube channel are decidedly network-agnostic. Apple's previous celebrity ads came out less than six weeks prior to this, which means it wouldn't surprise us one bit if another famous co-starred with Siri sometime before the 4th of July.